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November 10, 2013
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It was a warm summer day like any other, hot and lazy as the electronic clock read “twelve thirty-two.

The weather peaked at its hottest and I couldn’t peal myself from the computer screen even if I wanted to as I talked to Kenta, a buddy from high school and classic game console and video game junkie. His room was a tangled mess of connections from even the old Atari systems with stuff like Pac-Man inserted into the slot and the old SEGA and Nintendo posters plastered all over the walls the last I saw it, but it’s too hot to even walk the four buildings’ length to visit and go down memory lane with those classics as he does.

I still have a few of my old consoles from when they first came out, but he buys all his stuff online and then does maintenance on them to make sure they work right if it’s secondhand from a place like EBay.
(Author’s Note: I’m sure you can come with some better screen names for the chat -_-)

NES_Forever–  “Hey, Makoto. I was looking for a Virtual Boy and stumbled across this site. It sells lingerie and swim suits for guys that want to be changed into girls!”

DragonSpirit24 -“How in the world did you know that I wanted to be turned into a girl in the first place?! I never said anything about it!!111Oneone”

NES_Forever–  “Your obsession with transgender pictures and stories and the pictures on your computer pretty much said it all the last time I was there. Hold on while come over and show you something.”

He then signed off, but the heat of the day had stuck me to the leather chair I was sitting and took some effort to get up and answer the door. Kenta came in with a small paper bag and a larger one along with a grin on his face like he had just gotten out from a panty raid on one of the girls in our school. Another habit he’s been notorious for since we’ve been in tenth grade.

“I swear if you’re making fun me, Kenta,” I said “I’m going to tell the girls in our next classes that you’re the one that’s been raiding their panty drawers this coming September! Besides, I don’t think it’s as easy as just putting on a swim suit and instantly turning into a girl.”

“But it’s a magic swim suit and it cost me five hundred dollars to buy. I could’ve gotten the old Famicom and at least five games for that much,” Kenta said “At least pay me back for this favor, alright?”

“Oookay?  You’ve officially lost it,” I said “How many hours straight have you been playing the NES without rest, ‘cause you need a break.”

“Alright, Makoto. How about this?” he said “Just try it on to see if works. I’ll give you five hundred dollars out of my own pocket if it doesn’t work! But if you do turn into a girl, you have to be my girlfriend.”

How in the world he gets the money to buy even his game systems I never quite understood, but to even offer that kind of cash into a losing bet? I couldn’t resist agreeing to the deal for the prospect of having that kind money myself and buying a new system and a couple of games.

Taking the smaller paper bag, I put on the top which was pink, frilly and looked to have some glitter on it with some stars on the cupped part. It closed at the back with two clasps on either side. It fit rather well, despite being loose in the front.
The bottoms had the same frilly, pink decorations as the tops and had a large star above the crotch. These were tight even for being the right size and felt like my equipment was being smashed.

“Umph! I feel like it’s going to cut the circulation down there,” I said trying to get them on all the way “Are you sure they’re both the right size?”

“I used your clothes sizes as reference and they sent it over according to it,” Kenta said “It should fit.”

One minute later, I was able to pull them on all the way and they fit around me perfectly. I checked between my legs and an entirely new set of equipment was there.

My hair began to change from dark brown to red and grow in length a bit. I suddenly felt a flash of embarrassment in the presence of my friend for some reason, but I was still a guy – right?

I felt my features become more curved and delicate as a set of breasts had started growing inside the cups of the swim tops. I lost my balance getting used to the new curves and weight as I transformed.

Kenta was only going to help when I decked him across the room with the palm of my hand, blush and tears on my face. I was going to go over to apologize when I suddenly screamed
“You pervert! Don’t touch me!”

My hair ribboned out as it slowly changed from red to strawberry blonde and my new breasts grew bigger than last time almost but not quite filling the swim suit. It was now waist length as I looked back where the slap had sent him. He wasn’t too bad for a guy, messy light brown hair with some purpose behind the chaos – just like his room.

“Uhm. I mean I’m sorry, dude,”  I said, my voice cracking as it became more feminine “I mean is there anything I can do to make it better?”

I coughed attempting to clear my throat and talk again in my normal voice but it came out like a girl’s voice.

His athletic build even for someone that spends his free time in front of a television playing old video games was starting to become appealing to me as I blushed more from earlier.
He did after all ace Gym class and we both walked to the school from our houses.

I walked over and tripped as I wasn’t used to the upper weight of my recent endowments, falling on top of him. We ended up in an awkward yet passionate kiss as my breasts now were fully supported by the cups in the swim tops and the whole swimsuit fit perfectly.
As we broke off from the kiss, he smiled normally and said “You make beautiful girl, Moriko.”

“I like that name,” I said as a full girl now “and it looks like you have a girlfriend now.”
TG/ GenderBender wrote by me :iconcapitalismhoplz:

The idea was crated by the group blogs for :iconturn-into-a-girl: and can be found here:
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mariaosen Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the story the pic is a bonus
Jack-O-Lance Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That was quite the interesting , little tale! :thumbsup:
JanusDaGuardian42 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Not bad. The only real issue I found here was your transitioning from background and exposition into the chat, and the transitioning from the bet into the TG description. If you go to write a beginning like this, you must take the time to make everything smoother. A paragraph or two between the "description of the gaming geek" and "the chatting session", and a paragraph or two between "the bet" and the TG description would make this story much smoother. 

For the first gap, perhaps you could write about what lead up to the chat with this guy, and, for the other, a brief of what happens between the making of the bet and the receiving of the magical garments. If the geek had the undergarments before he even made the bet, perhaps the character receiving them should react in a disgusted manner or something... 

Other than that, I was somewhat impressed and look forward to reading more of this in the future. :)  
Kiroku09 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice story!
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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